Our Experienced Team

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Kirt Ejesiak – Chairman & CEO

Kirt Ejesiak is a seasoned manager with 25 years experienced running startups in the Arctic. He has an extensive network of professional managers/tradespeople/support staff to draw upon and bring them on board the team as required to complete a project. Kirt is past chairperson of Ilitturvik University Society. Born in Iqaluit, Kirt has extensive experience in the public and private sector. He has run a private business for more than 25 years. Kirt has dedicated himself and his career to confident progress coupled with reverence for his cultural and environmental heritage.

A devoted public servant, Kirt has represented Nunavut in many capacities at the regional, national and international level. He has been chairman on the board of the Iqaluit Museum, served as deputy mayor of the city, and was appointed vice-chair of Nunavut Trust. He has served as President of the Inuit Non-Profit Housing Board in Ottawa.

In 2005, Kirt was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to attend the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He completed his Masters of Public Administration. Kirt was Chief of Staff and Principal Secretary to the Premier of Nunavut. Kirt is past vice president and executive member of the Inuit Circumpolar Council from 2010-2014.

Kirt has extensive experience flying the Wingcopter, HEF32, Wingtra, Trinity and the Bramor RPAS systems. He is a TC Licensed RPAS Pilot and a Flight Reviewer.

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Glenn Williams – Chief of Operations

Arctic UAV’s chief of operations is an experienced pilot with over 1000 hrs of “Bush Flying” experience in the Canadian Arctic in Super Cubs, 180 Cessnas and a Chinook advanced ultra-light that he built and flew in the High Arctic. During the last fourty years he has traveled extensively year round by small boat, snowmobile, dog team, helicopter and aircraft to most parts of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories as a Territorial Wildlife Officer, Federal Fisheries Officer, outfitter, guide and photographer.

Glenn is also a professional guide, Arctic scuba diver, harvestor (where he hunts and provides for his family and community), wildlife photographer, and travels extensively in the Arctic in the winter (by snowmachine and qamutiq (sled) and in the summer by small and medium sized motor boats.

Glenn has traveled from the USA to Canada’s north by boat, Glenn has traveled from the northern part of Baffin Island to the south by snow machine with his family. Glenn is a former mountie and environmental officer and is one of the most experience Arctic technicians in northern Canada.


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Keane Sudolovenick – Youth Ambassador & UAV Pilot

Keane Sudolovenick is one of the experienced RPAS pilots with Arctic UAV Inc.. Keane completed high school in 2016 and lives in Iqaluit. An avid outdoors person, Keane has been instrumental in ensuring the pilots are well supported with his ability to work independently and trouble shooting skills. Keane has just completed his professional UAV course certification with ING Robotic Aviation Inc. in Ottawa. Keane has also completed type certification on the Sensefly eBee RTK UAV in Calgary becoming the norths youngest certified eBee UAV pilot.



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Eli Turk – President Commercial Sales

Eli Turk is responsible for the management of commercial sales for Arctic UAV. He is also involved in business development.
He has had senior roles in the private and public sector including vice-president and member of the management team of Alcatel Canada, Senior Policy Advisor to the Federal minister of Industry and Director of Policy and Programs at the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada. He also served with the Canadian military in the Arctic.

Eli has managed many projects ranging in scope and complexity with budgets from hundreds of thousands to multi-multimillion dollars. Eli has worked in Inuit organizations, at the Provincial (Ontario) and Federal government levels, in the private sector and National Industry Associations (Canadian Electricity Association).

Eli has a graduate degree (MPA) from the Kennedy School at Harvard University. His courses also included studies at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School as well as studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in engineering and technology strategy. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Ottawa.

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Colin Allooloo – Manager RPAS & ROV Operations

Colin Allooloo is responsible for the day to day operations of the RPAS and ROV services. Colin handles all the preplanning, site visits and risk management before any mission is undertaken. Colin is licensed by Transport Canada to operate RPAS and is a flight reviewer.

Colin has extensive experience with remote operations of RPAS and ROV systems in the Arctic. He also has a commercial boat license including marine ROC-M radio and ROC-A aviation licenses. Colin is an experienced outdoorsman and has previously worked in National policing, social work and the trades.

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Pakak Picco – RPAS Pilot and Operations Tech

Pakak Picco is responsible for field operations to support RPAS, ROV and other missions. Pakak is also head of promoting Health and Safety Protocols for our team.

A dedicated outdoorsman Pakak is often piloting small field RPAS systems for our Sea Ice hazard Maps. Pakak is a graduate of our Project Nuna RPAS Training Program.