Team Profile- Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

Licensed Fixed Wing Pilot ROC-A Certified BVLOS Missions 4+ RPAS Certifications: Wingcopter 178 HL, HEF32, Aeryon Skyranger, Sensefly eBee, WingtraOne & many more

Ukpik HEF32 Flight Testing in Nunavut

Photos of the recent test flight of the Ukpik HEF32 at the Arctic UAS Test Centre remote site near Iqaluit, Nunavut.

A Welcome Message from our CEO

Welcome to Arctic UAV- an Iqaluit, Nunavut based UAV Service Provider. We offer world class aerial imaging services with locally trained UAV operators.

Drone training for youth

Since June 2019, it’s a requirement to have a drone license to operate drones (250g and higher). We have partnered with Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation to offer training to Nunavut Inuit to become a licensed RPAS (drone) pilot. Even if you’re not an Inuk beneficiary we are looking for individuals with a diverse skillset from on the land experience, pilots, technicians, photographers & videographers.

We are experts in Arctic logistics and have the capability to run projects from 1 day to 3 months to ensure we get the job done.

Certification: our pilots are certified professional UAV operators, Transport Canada licensed and insured, and our company has the skill to operate in Nunavut with our battery powered fixed-wing & quad-copter and our gas powered rotary wing aircraft.

Remote Locations: We live in the Arctic and are used to working in the harsh conditions and can mobilize anywhere.

Need Quick Mobilization? We can handle it.

Our Services

Read our official brochure for more information.

  • Sea Ice monitoring
  • Search & rescue
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessment
  • Land surveying and contour mapping
  • Environmental studies
  • Aerial photography
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Tower and roof inspections
  • Situation awareness
  • Archeological site monitoring
  • Emergency response support
  • Modelling of buildings or local sites
  • Equipment & site surveillance

We are seeking Investors and Project partners.

Arctic UAV Inc., based “north of 60”,

First to this market offering UAV services,
Eight pilots certified and trained on multiple drone types,

Unbridled earning and growth potential, the investment opportunity is now!

In the Press

Des drones à Alma

Des drones à Alma

Une foire du drone a eu lieu cette semaine au Centre d’excellence sur les drones (CED) à Alma. C’était la deuxième année de la foire Tech Demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?
Yes, Arctic UAV Inc. is insured for our UAV’s and pilot. Be wary of drone operators without adequate insurance. Ask for proof.
What training do your pilots have?
All of our UAV pilots have extensive training. They have obtained Professional UAV Operators Certification that follow Transport Canada’s guidelines for professional UAV pilots. This training includes Aeronautical Radio Communications training to talk to the aircraft and aerodrome towers.

They also have specific UAV type training in addition to their PUOC certification. Before you hire any drone operator ensure they have certification to operate.

Which UAV’s do you have?
We have 4 different platforms and looking at bringing online more depending on the work request. Our platforms are the top of the line UAV’s for filming, aerial photography, surveying, inspections, ISR, wildlife surveys, and many more applications.

Call us to see if we can assist in your next challenging project.

How many pilots do you have?
We have at least 8 trained Professional UAV Operators.
Are you hiring?
We are adding people each month- email us at [email protected] to find out more.

Contact Us


3605 Bill Mackenzie Lane-old HBC Post, Box 2170, Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0 Canada
Phone: +1-867-222-2055
[email protected]

Our Experienced Team

Kirt Ejesiak

Chairman and CEO
[email protected]

Glenn Williams

Chief of Operation and UAV Pilot
[email protected]

Keane Sudlovenick

UAV Pilot – Youth Ambassador
[email protected]

Eli Turk

President, Commercial Sales and UAV Operator
[email protected]

Colin Allooloo

Managing Director ROV Services & RPAS Pilot

Pakak Picco

RPAS Pilot and Operations Tech